Sunday, December 13, 2009

This month’s winning wizard

After much discussion and review, has pleasure in announcing that Liesel Fynn, a Payroll Officer based in Melbourne Australia has won this month’s WizardWiki wizard of the month with her wizard: How to Create a Custom Ringtone for Your iPhone From an MP3 File. 

This was Liesel’s first wizard, created using the gStepOne Google Wizard writer, netting her a cool $1,000.

Liesel decided on the wizard after struggling to create a custom ringtone for her iPhone using instructions on the net.  “They were vague and frustrating, and left out a key step.  All I wanted was a new ringtone!  I thought if I was having trouble, then so were other people.  Then I saw some of the wizards on WizardWiki and decided to write my own.”

Leisel's wizard steps you through the process, with clear, simple instructions, including screen shots, multiple pathways that ensure you get the job done no matter how you are approaching the task. Check it out by clicking on the map.

While you're there check out some of the other technology wizards, including how to tether your iPhone or how to Setup and configure your Google Apps for Small Business.

The standard of entries was very high and the decision was quite difficult. However, the judges’ decision was unanimous: Liesel’s wizard scored highest on four of the seven criteria:
1. Popularity of the Wizard
2. Topicality of the Wizard
3. Usefulness and applicability of the Wizard
4. Quality of the Wizard design and writing.

Said chief judge Lino Rizio: “Liesel’s wizard is a good example of what a wizard should do: it enables you to do something you couldn’t do previously without expert help: in this case, once you have completed the wizard, you have updated your ring tone. It is with pleasure that we credit US$1,000 to Leisel’s PayPal account.

Liesel did it, now it’s your turn! The December/January competition has started and closes on 9 January. Start mapping out your wizard today: who knows? It could win you US$1,000!


Your gStepOne Team

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The best laid plans…

We’ve had an interesting week!  It began last Thursday, when for an unknown reason our hosting company shut down our gStepOne registration server.  As a consequence, everyone who registered for a gStepOne account on Thursday until early Monday had zip response.  We review account creations on Mondays, and as soon as we discovered the problem we had it fixed.  Sorry for the delay and the hassles (yes, we now review account creations daily). 

Also on Monday, we discovered that some the links to our training videos had been reset to point to the gStepOne home page.  Again this has been fixed and the training is now back online. 

Again, sorry for the hassles.  Please let us know if you have ANY problems with any of our sites. 

Regards and thanks for your patience,

The gStepOne Team

Tuesday, December 1, 2009 named a finalist in the 2009 Anthill Cool Company Awards has been named a finalist in the ‘Commercial Creativity’ Award at Anthill’s 4th Annual Cool Company Awards, held in Southbank, Victoria, on Thursday 26th November. is a free Google wizard writer that enables users to harness the power of Google’s online applications and tools to create simple, publicly available tutorials. It is ‘lite’, free version of its flagship WorkScript system, developed in response to the growing trend towards web-based resources and designed for rapid business process activation and change in small to medium-sized businesses.

“Wordware should be very pleased with its success,” said James Tuckerman, Editor-In-Chief, Anthill Magazine. “Though not a winner this year, making the final three in their category is an outstanding achievement; the Cool Company Awards attracted over 350 nominations from some very cool companies from all across Australia.”

The Anthill Cool Company Awards were launched in 2006, as a way to acknowledge and celebrate Australian companies that are doing things differently to bring about positive change.

The Commercial Creativity Award recognises a project rather than a company per se. It celebrates creative, “outside-the-square” solutions that deliver on a project brief.

The national awards were held at a Cocktail Ceremony at the spectacular Melbourne Recital Centre on Thursday 26th November 2009, where category winners and the ‘Coolest Company Award’ were announced.