Monday, November 23, 2009

With Version 2.4 of gStepOne you can make your wizard a world-wide resource!

With Version 2.4 of gStepOne, you can simply right-click on a wizard (a green circle) to publish it to

Once on, it becomes available for use world-wide, and is eligible for the US$1,000 prize for the best wizard for the month. 

So don’t delay: create and publish your wizard today!

We have also updated the online help on the mapping screen and the User Guides at the gStepOne website.


Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Launched: WizardWiki and US$1000 for the best wizards!

Hot on the heels of being named in the Top 10 Google Apps for business, come two big news items for wizard writers!

1. We have launched, a collaborative project that is building a worldwide repository of computer-based wizards.

2. To mark the launch we are announcing an exciting new contest, where gStepOne Wizard Writers can win US$1000 for best wizard uploaded each month.

What is WizardWiki? It’s like Wizard Central. Anyone who has developed any kind of wizard can upload or link it to WizardWiki. And anyone who needs a wizard to do a task can find it on WizardWiki. The site also acts as a matching service for people wishing to commission Wizards from the gStepOne Wizard writing community.

Why the contest? The contest is designed to enable Wizard Writers like you to showcase your skills and win cash. It’s easy to enter: create a wizard using gStepOne, release it to WizardWiki and you are automatically eligible to win!

There’s no limit to the number or kind of wizard you can create: for business, for clubs, for community organisations, or just for fun.

The $1000 prize is guaranteed every month and it’s only available to gStepOne account holders. Winners are chosen based on:
• Popularity
• Number and quality of inbound links to the Wizard
• Topicality of the Wizard
• Usefulness and applicability of the Wizard
• Quality of the Wizard design and writing
• User response to your Wizard, including positive reviews and comments
• Degree of specialization of the Wizard.

WizardWiki is located at

So, don’t delay! The first contest closes November 30. Start creating your wizards today!

We look forward to your entries, and good luck!