Monday, August 24, 2009

gStepOne becomes part of University KM Curriculum

We have just released a series of free Knowledge and Process Management tutorials designed to dovetail into Higher Education and University IT degree and diploma courses. The tutorials step students through a real-world scenario to convert unstructured knowledge and process data into interactive Google wizards.

The tutorials were jointly developed by Monash University’s Faculty of Information Technology and Wordware (gStepOne’s developer). Monash is one of Australia's premier universities, and Wordware has been a sponsor of the university’s Virtual KM Lab for over seven years.

Under this arrangement, Wordware’s WorkScript Knowledge and Process Management Platform has become an integral part of the Faculty’s undergraduate and postgraduate Information Management and Knowledge Management programs.

Last year, Monash University was the first to incorporate gStepOne and the tutorials into these programs.

The Faculty’s Associate Dean Research Training, Dr Frada Burstein said “We were very pleased to introduce gStepOne in teaching Information and Knowledge Management last year. Teaching students how to map processes and create wizards using gStepOne provides them with a real-world understanding of the nuts and bolts of Knowledge Management technology and its value to an organization.

Students analyze knowledge and process data during the tutorials and use gStepOne to draw maps of the tasks they identify by dragging and dropping step shapes onto a page. gStepOne Googles the web for supporting “How to” information, training, pictures, videos, maps, blogs, etc. for each step and generates the wizard.

The wizard is then available to guide and support others when they need to do the task.

“gStepOne and these tutorials underpin the practical cutting edge nature of our programs,” Dr Burstein said.

The tutorials are available to download for free at: Students can register free for gstepOne at

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