Thursday, October 15, 2009

gStepOne now a Top 10 Great Google Apps add-on for business

gStepOne is now a Top 10 Great Google Apps Add-ons for business and the enterprise, as chosen by NetworkWorld’s Google Subnet Blog. Says author of the report, Julie Bort:

gStepOne by WordWare is a wizard generator that helps you create a business process workflow that is tightly integrated with your Google Apps. Better still, it can also integrate with many other Google Services like YouTube, Picassa, Calendar, Gmail, Maps and Search. GStepOne helps you plan each step and track the progress of the task.

Once created, the Wizard lets others easily perform the workflow operating. It has applications with training, collaboration ... anytime multiple steps are needed to perform a task by multiple people. Some examples include writing contracts or proposals, creating budgets, managing travel.

Commercial workflow and business process engineering applications used to cost corporations as much a million dollars back in the day. Apps like gStepOne show how much cloud computing, and in particular, Google's cloud services, have made expensive workflow and business process reengineering projects a thing of the past.

From all of us here at, many thanks to Julie and to the Google Subnet Blog for the review and the recognition. And congratulations too to the other nine developers - there are some great apps there! (check out the slide show.)

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