Thursday, February 4, 2010

New: WizardWiki Wizards In Progress

Up until recently, once you started a wizard in WizardWiki, you had to work through to the end, because if you closed the browser, the wizard was deleted. As of today, you now have the option to save you place and come back later. You can do this by signing in to WizardWiki before you run any wizards.

Once you are signed in, if you close the browser at any time, WizardWiki automatically saves the wizard in your Wizards In Progress tray, the last item in the Actions menu:

 Next time you login, click on Wizards In Progress. WizardWiki displays your Wizards In progress tray:

Simply click on the wizard you wish to resume. WizardWiki will take you directly to the point where you left the wizard previously.

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