Monday, April 20, 2009

Version 2.2 Released!

They just keep coming! Lots of new functions, including the ability to generate entire wizards
using only the resources of the web. In summary, V2.2 enhancements include:

  1. Enhanced Link IT button. Use the enhanced Link It button on a Step dialog to add both the web search results and the Custom Resource details.
    The search results are now categorised in to tabs, each tab groups a different search location. This provides a more efficient way of locating the required resource.
    The search result lists contain a ‘Use It’ link, which when clicked populates the Custom Resource details panel with the details of the URL. The ‘Use It’ option only applies to the top level URL.
  2. Scrollable Resource list. The Resource list now uses a scrollbar to scroll long lists (vs the scroll icons that were placed in the lists margins). This has dramatically improved the usability of the resource list.
  3. Dialog design. Some of the dialogs have been updated to give them the same ‘look and feel’ as the rest of the application, providing a more consistent user interface. The differences were only subtle so you may not have noticed them, but we did!
  4. Wizard View button. The view button in the Manage Wizards panel has been updated to enable/disable appropriately. As the selected Wizard in the Wizard list changes, the view button now enables/disables depending on whether the selected Wizard is currently being viewed or not.
  5. Optimised Performance. Improved the coding logic which has increased the applications over-all performance, especially the loading/viewing, saving, checking-in and checking-out of Wizards.

For a full list of Version 2.2 enhancements, please go the gStepOne forum (you can read all messages, but you have to register before you can post).

The release also includes updated documentation at the gStepOne website.

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