Thursday, May 7, 2009

Why would anyone in the service sector need gStepOne?

Good question!

Last week I decided that I would get an I-Phone. They get great press and my business partner loves his. Like me he was out of contract and decided it was time to upgrade. Our Telco (name starts with V) set him up within a few minutes. "All you need is some ID and our password, and they'll start you on a new contract" Says he.

OK! Come Saturday afternoon, I walk into the shop. When I explain what I wanted, the guy asked for the business password and my driver's licence. I give them to him. Oh, says he, I'm not sure about this; I'll make a phone call. No, I can't give you a phone today. I also need a recent letter from a utility addressed to the business as proof of business address. OK says I, I'll come back tomorrow (Sunday).

Next morning I go to work, pick up a couple of letters and arrive at the Telco around 11am. Different guy, but no problem! "What color phone would you like?" We do the paperwork, and oh, there is a new plan the other guy didn’t tell me about, much better than the old one. Looks good to me. He calls to activate the phone. No Can Do: the new plan doesn't start until tomorrow (Monday). I like this plan, so I decide to come back Monday lunchtime.

Monday arrives and at lunchtime, so do I. Different guy again. Yes, all the paperwork is here, let's activate. Oops, No Can Do. First you need a letter from an owner of the business to say you can set up the contract. "I am an owner" Says I. "You still need a letter." Gaaa! At that point I walked out.
I still don't have an I-phone.

How many times a day, in how many businesses, government departments, councils, banks, clubs, and organisations does something like this happen? patchy or lousy service because staff don’t know the process, or the latest process? Don't blame the service people - they can't know everything, especially when the rules and procedures have such short use-by-dates.

They need an enabling infrastructure with interactive, easily updated wizards, so they can learn and do at the same time. So that they can deliver service like an expert, without the expert being there, without calling the expert, without being the expert.

That’s why everyone in the service sector needs gStepOne!

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